Planted by volunteers in 1997, the Demonstration Forest was designed with these goals in mind:

  • Educational – To provide a place for school children to learn about trees and appreciate the benefits trees provide for our world.

  • Practical – To provide a place where local residents can see living examples of trees they might want to plant in their own landscape.

  • Aesthetic – To provide a beautiful place for a quiet nature walk on the way to and from school.

The Demonstration Forest is home to a Little Free Library and will soon become home to another project, this one for the monarch butterflies who need our help to prevent further population decline. The Monarch Way Station now in development is a collaborative effort led by Leadership SLO Class XXIII

Remember when…

The DF site was originally a neglected weed lot with some dead, dying elm trees. Transforming the site to what it is today began with a teacher’s vision, a lot of hands on volunteer labor, many wheelbarrows,  and a grant from California ReLeaf.

The link below will take you to photo memories from the early days. Thanks to Andrew Von Dollen, webmaster from 1997 – 2013 for saving these for us to enjoy. Many people have come to lend a hand or a hoe over the years. The DF has truly been a team effort and a point of pride for all involved.

DF snapshot archive